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If you can’t receive through mobile, use some different access point or use Wifi. When you can’t receive emails on your yahoo account this problem could be related to IMAP or email forward settings.

Else some Yahoo support is there.

Go to yahoo website - > Help -> Fill out your details, you will get a reply soon.

To rectify yahoo mail not receiving email are working or not, you can do the following-

Logout and then login again to your Yahoo Mail. Also, clear your browser cache before the login
Make sure that your source is shooting emails properly. Might be it is the source which is not sending emails properly. So try some different source.

Sign out your account and re-login

Update Yahoo mail app from play store

Uninstall and reinstall again from Trusted source (Play store, iTunes).

Check SMTP setting in your Yahoo mail

It should be as below:

Yahoo! Mail SMTP server address:
Yahoo! Mail SMTP user name: Your full Yahoo! Mail email address (including "")
Yahoo! Mail SMTP password: Your Yahoo! Mail password
Yahoo! Mail SMTP port: 465
Yahoo! Mail SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

If you can’t receive any email on your yahoo account. First, you need to make sure that you have not enabled the forwarding settings.

sometimes this problem can be caused by IMAP or SMTP server side. so I will suggest you check out the server settings.

Use the Sign-in Helper to get back into your account using your Yahoo ID, mobile number, recovery phone number, or recovery email address. If you forgot your password, be sure to change your password to a strong one that you'll remember after you're in.

In the last copied to credit-

Check if your account has any errors

Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account on a computer and send yourself an email.

If you get an error - address that to fix the issue.
If you don't get an error - your account is working as expected.
Check your account settings

These settings can prevent email from getting to your Inbox:

Spam folder - Check your spam folder to see if the email was incorrectly marked.
Blocked address - The sender may have been blocked by mistake.
Email filters - Check your filters to see if the email could've arrived in another folder.
Reply-to address - Make sure your reply-to address is blank.
Have the sender check their account

If you didn't find anything wrong with your account, then the issue is on the sender's side.

Make sure they entered your full email address correctly.
Suggest they contact their email provider for further assistance.
Hope this will help you.


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